Friday, 10 February 2012

Installation of zend framework

This is tutorial for the installation if zend framework 1.x.

Many New users of zend don't know to install the zend.
Here is simple steps to install the zend framework.

Step1: Make a folder in your root directory (Where you want to install the zend).
Step2: Now download the zend from the zend site.
Step3: Open the cmd prompt.
Step4: Now find the zf.bat file inside of your downloaded zend framework's bin folder.
Step5: Type the path of zf.bat file like C://zend/bin/zf
Step6: Type create project and then path to the folder where you want to install the project.
Command will be become like C://zend/bin/zf create project C://myproject 
and run this command by press enter.

now you will get the confirmation message.
Wow ! You are ready to create project in zend.

Now you can get the zend framework 2.x installation guide.

In the new version of zend framework i.e. 2.x is very easy to use as there is no need to install it. You can directly download and move it in you root folder and use it.

You can download it from github form the following link:

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